Take advantage of Scout’s 24-hour NO FEE Quick Pay on all produce loads – We are the only company in North America who pays on demand without any hidden charges and/or Fees.

On a dry load? Get quick pay information by contacting one of our dispatchers.

Scout makes getting paid easy, once you’re empty just fax or email your BOLs and Scout will process your payment immediately — no hassles, no hidden fees and no cost to you!

Fax: 1.877.421.9866

Email: Payables

Payment by T-check

T-check payment is instantaneous. Receive T-Check payment the same day as delivery. When you work with Scout, it is that simple.

Payment by Cheque

Scout writes your cheques the moment we receive your BOLs. You can come pick up your cheque from our office or we can mail it you — whatever is most convenient.

Payment by EFT

For loads tendered in Canadian funds, Scout pays by electronic funds transfer directly into your bank account.

Carrier FAQ

– General

Q: What documents do I need to start hauling for Scout Logistics?

A: You will need the following:

  • A completed carrier application

Proof of insurance showing reefer breakdown and naming Scout Logistics as the certificate holder. If you are interested in becoming a carrier with Scout Logistics please click here to begin the process.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need to haul for Scout Logistics?

A: The majority of our shipments utilize temperature controlled (reefer) trailers on both solo and team drivers. We load from all regions produce is grown (California, Arizona, Washington, Texas and Florida) and ship to all 48 states and Canada.

Q: What is Scout Carrier Connect?

A: Scout Carrier Connect provides real-time access to hundreds of new loads updating 24-7. Carrier Connect is an easy and free way to stay connected with Scout’s available loads. To become a member, create a free account here.

Q: What is Trucker Tools and how does it work?

A: Trucker Tools is a free app that provides automatic tracking updates to Scout Logistics without a phone call. To track using Trucker Tools drivers must download the free Trucker Tools app, click ‘Load Track’ and click ‘Start Tracking’. Tracking will automatically end when the driver leaves destination location. Drivers can use the Trucker Tools app to send messages to Scout dispatch, mark pick ups loaded, and send documents.

Q: When am I being tracked using the Trucker Tools app?

A: Drivers are only tracked during the assigned Scout Logistics load. Trucker Tools automatically ends tracking when a driver leaves delivery destination.

Q: How much will Trucker Tools affect my phone’s battery life and date usage?

A: All apps require battery and data. Trucker Tools app is extremely efficient, and any battery and date usage is outweighed by the benefits. Trucker Tools uses less battery and/or date than browsing websites on your phone.

Q: What are Scout Logistics payment terms?

A: Scout Logistics is the home of the “NO FEE QUICK PAY”. We offer free 24-hour quick pay on all produce loads. In order to qualify for free quick pay, you must successfully track using Scout’s preferred tracking programs.

Q: What paperwork is required to receive payment?

A: The following documents must be received before payment can be processed:
–   Invoice
–   Signed BOL
–   Any lumper receipts

Q: How can I get my documents to Scout Logistics for payment?

A: You can mail, fax, or email to documents for payment to Scout Logistics.

Mailing Address:
Scout Logistics Corporation
3351 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario  M6P 2A6
Payables fax: 1-416-630-7242
Email: Payables

Q: How do I receive my payment?

A: Scout Logistics pays either by cheque in the mail or by t-check. There is no charge when you receive a payment by cheque. On every t-check there is a $12.50 processing fee. The maximum value of any t-check is $1000.

Q: Can you make payment by EFS?

A: Currently Scout Logistics only offers EFS for payments made in Canadian funds.

Q: Do you provide fuel advances?

A: Yes, once loaded we provide fuel advances. If you take an advance up to a 40% of total rate, a 3% brokerage fee will be applied. Advances over 40% will be deducted at an additional 3%.

Q: What happens if I did not comply with Scout’s tracking policies?

A: Payment will be made 30 days after receipt of paperwork or a 3% quick pay fee will apply.

Q: Why haven’t I received my payment?

A: There are multiple reasons why a payment has not been released. The most common include:
–   Missing paperwork (BOL or invoice)
–   Damaged or short product noted on the BOL

Q: How do I check if Scout Logistics received my paperwork for payment?

A: Please email Payables to check on payment status. Payables is in the office Monday-Friday 8am-4pm EST.

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