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  • Toronto, On

    3351 Dundas Street W Toronto Ontario
    M6P 2A6

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  • Head Office
  • After Hours Dispatch
  • Sales/Dispatch Canada
  • Sales/Dispatch U.S.A
  • Air Freight / Dry Freight / Open Deck / Exports
  • Administration

Scout Logistics Head Office

3351 Dundas Street W
Toronto Ontario M6P 2A6



Paul Manhas
Email: afterhours@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 647.847.5838
Night Dispatch (Weekdays)
William Arbuckle 
Email: afterhours@scoutlogisitics.com
Cell: 647.706.4103
Afterhours Supervisor
Gary Whitnall x 223
Email: gary@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 647.895.8583
TX/CA to Toronto
Canada Outbound
Patrick Hanlon x 244
Email: patrick@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416.895.1297
FL/GA to Canada & North East/Mid West U.S.A
WA to Canada
Ethan Kline x 238
Email: ethan@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416.564.8379
NJ/NY/PA to Canada
Cross Border West Coast U.S.A & Canada
Daniel Finkler x 227

Email: daniel@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416.992.4540
CA/FL/GA to Canada

Zac Bendahan x 222
Email: zachary@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 647.287.3119
CA/AZ/FL to Canada
Lorne Swartz x 235
Email: lorne@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416.459.9794
CA/AZ to North East & Midwest U.S.A
Veronica Garcia x 271
Email: veronica@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 647-767-1712
WA to North East US
Amir Raubvogel x 290
Email: amir@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416-569-6768
Ryan Kern x 231
Email: ryan@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 647.831.8583
CA/AZ to North East U.S.A
Jamie Klayman x 236
Email: jamie@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416.616.5316
CA/AZ, TX to North East U.S.A
Dani Etkin
Email: dani@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416.627.0599
CA/AZ to North East U.S.A
Jonah Grunfeld x 226
Email: jonah@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 947.966.7270
WA  to North East U.S.A
Luke MacLeod x 272
Email: luke@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 905-716-6308
Robert Fynn x 289
Email: rob@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 778-772-0759
Yukari Seki Romero x 272
Email: yukari@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 647-221-2805
WA to US
Ethan Kline x 238
Email: ethan@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416.564.8379
Western Canada Outbound
Murray Einhorn x 270
Email: murray@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416.274.4886
LTL across North America
Ontario to Quebec
Edward Kuszelewski x 248
Email: edward@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416.522.0680
CA/TX Outbound, FL/TX Inbound
Hannah Abrams x 228
Email: hannah@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 647.708.5037
Chief Administrative Officer
Shelley Hillman x 221

Email: shelley@scoutlogistics.com
Accounts Payable Supervisor

Melanie Fowler x 242
Email: melanie@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 647.688.0366
Financial Administrator
Rose Popal x 229
Email: rose@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 647.830.1203
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Amanda Locicero x 277
Email: amanda@scoutlogistics.com
Cell: 416-414-1831
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Marnie Salsky x 280
Email: marnie@scoutlogistics.com
Director of Marketing