Scout is a Home Away from Home

What we offer
At Scout Logistics, we believe the office should be a place of refuge where you can work hard, make money, and most of all, be comfortable. With our state of the art office based in Toronto, and a management team recognized as one of Deloitte Canada’s 50 Best, Scout offers a home away from home, where comfort wins over suits, BBQ’s fuel our fire, and music drives our day!

You’re not going to suffer through a dress code with Scout or be stuck in a four wall cubicle all day. Our open concept office has music playing constantly which encourages team work, and most of all good times.

What Logistics Means Working at Scout
We are ready to move the world no matter what it takes.

Our Sales Representatives are the crucial piece that operate in the middle of the logistics process – a trusted liaison between customers and carriers. We work with customers to identify their needs, and we work with carriers to ensure those needs are met. Sales Representatives research and present market rates to the customer and strive to work within the customer’s expectations.

Once the shipment is on the road, Sales Representatives manage the movement of the load from pick up through to delivery. Ensuring all timelines are met, problems are avoided and customers are kept informed to make certain the work is completed to the customers satisfaction.

What We Provide
We provide full training based on 90+ years experience and the building blocks for a successful career.

The training period at Scout lasts 90 days. During this time you will be mentored by a successful Scout staff member. Your mentor will introduce you to this fast paced environment as well as help you put in place the building blocks for advancement. By the end of the training period, you will be well prepared to start on your path to a successful career at Scout Logistics.

Scout provides the environment and the tools to create a successful and gratifying career. Click the button below to see how you can become part of our exceptional team.

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